Defining and Refining the Energy-Water-Food Nexus

May 21 - 24, 2017

Muhammad Ali Center, Louisville, KY

Workshop Co-Chair

Dr. Delaina Amos 
Associate Professor, Chemical Engineering, University of Louisville

Workshop Co-Chair

Dr. Mahendra Sunkara
Professor & Director, Conn Center for Renewable Energy Research, University of Louisville

Generously funded in part by the National Science Foundation

Workshop Coordinator

Andrew Marsh
Conn Center for Renewable Energy Research, University of Louisville 

Call for Papers and Posters!

Abstract Submission Deadline

January 20, 2017 

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Student, post-doc and faculty posters will be judged during the poster session.


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Workshop Tracks
Clean Energy-Food
Clean Energy-Water
Clean Energy-Entrepreneurship

Highlighted Topic Areas
Entrepreneurship at the EWF nexus
Food safety & waste minimization
Distributed water treatment
Efficient fertilizers and pesticides
Clean energy-ammonia production
Carbon neutral liquid fuels from air and water
Energy minimization for treating and recycling
Agricultural waste to energy
Clean energy-water desalination
Nitrogen and phosphorous cycles
Destruction of nitrates and recovery of phosphates
Big data management and the EWF nexus
Policy and the EWF nexus

Confirmed Invited Speakers

Jared Entin – NASA, Prog Manager, Clean Energy-Water
Grigorii Soloveichik – ARPA-E, Prog Dir, Clean Energy
Daniel Kammen – U. of California, Berkeley, Clean Energy
Raul Miranda – Washington, DC, Ammonia Production
Rabi Mohtar – Texas A&M, Environment – Clean Energy
Prashant Kamat – U. of Notre Dame, Clean Energy
Shannon Boettcher – U. of Oregon, Clean Energy-Water
Jordan Macknick – NREL, Clean Energy-Water
Dominique Loqué – LBL, Clean Energy-Food
Esther Obonyo – Penn State U., Big Data & FEW Nexus
Yushan Yan – U. Delaware, Clean Energy Materials
David Graves - U. of California, Berkeley, Clean Energy